Women’s Movement

The women’s movement consists of all the women in the Assembly. It holds meetings at least once a week.



  1. To pray for the growth of the Church.

  2. To organize seminars, workshops, lectures and symposia in all aspects of life including:

    1. Marriage enrichment, wives’ responsibilities at home, child welfare, care and education.

    2. Business management and techniques.

    3. The teaching of basic principles of law relating to the family e.g. succession, marriage, etc.

  3. To promote the welfare of widows, orphans, the needy, etc.

  4. To carry out evangelism.

  5. To train women to be responsible married women in the Church and the society.

  6. To develop the talents of women and the total womanhood to enhance the social, physical, spiritual and intellectual status of the women.

Women's Ministry


Men’s Movement

The PEMEF caters for the interest of all the men in The Church.



  1. To organize seminars, workshops, lectures and symposia on all aspects of life including:

  2. Marriage enrichment, husband’s responsibilities at home, child care and education.

  3. Business management and techniques.

  4. Leadership and responsibility in The Church and The State.

  5. The teaching of basic principles of domestic Law e.g. the making of Wills and Agreements for the purchasing of real and personal properties.

  6. The Church of Pentecost History.



Vessels of Glory

The Vessels of Glory is our very own ministry-through-song group composed of young and passionate men and women who are on fire for the Lord and desire to minister through music. We currently have 8 members, with our leaders being: Mrs. Nora Ansong & Eld. Daniel Amoo Asiedu. We have been ministering through song since 2008. These songs are usually comprised of both Twi (our local Ghanaian language) and English. Choir practice is on Saturdays from 10:30AM to 1PM. We also meet and pray 30 minutes before we start our rehearsals. Our objective is to spread the Gospel through song and spirit. We’ve ministered in local churches (Assemblies) during Easter Conventions, Christmas Conventions, Holy Ghost Conventions and POPNIGHTs. We’ve also been invited to minister outside our Church at the Citadel Worship Center in Pomona, CA. Our goal is to draw people to know God and for them to accept Jesus Christ as their lord and Personal Savior.

In the future we would love to write our own songs and make an album to help reach out to the community.


Jesus loves you, and so do we…


New members are welcome!



Youth Ministry/PENSA

The Youth Ministry exists to mobilize and equip the youth through strategic programs and established tools for them to live for Christ everywhere and to make Him known to the world. Through positively and impact, the Youth Ministry of today will help shape the Church and Society of tomorrow.



We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ. (Colossians 1:28).



The witness program of San Bernardino brings encouraging teachings, motivating members towards outreach evangelism and giving towards evangelism to the church. We continue to teach and pray to prevent backsliders and for souls to be won into Christ Jesus and for the church.



  • Victory, through the blood of Jesus.

  • Sons of God, March forward

  • Arise and Shine

  • Aggressive witness, outside the sanctuary



Children’s Ministry

The Children’s movement is made up of the children and their teachers.



  1. To hold Sunday morning services to pray, share fellowship and to study God’s Word.

  2. To hold periodic competitions/recitals and such other activities.